Borgeet : Nahi Nahi Ramaya Bine Papatarak Koi

Composed by Sri Sri Sankardev

O my mind, none but Rama is the Saviour from sin
the nectar of Paramananda’s lotus feet drink in

No penance, no pilgrimage, no sacrifice, no meditation
No mantra, no ritual pieties can bring us salvation

Mother father wife children and all kin will die
O blind mind, leave these thoughts and at Hari’s feet lie

Says Sankara, slave of Krishna, shed all worldly worries
Take refuge at Rama’s feet, and sing Govinda’s glories

Click here to read the original Assamese poem.

Translated by Nirendra Nath Thakuria

Sri Sri Sankardev (1449-1568) was a 15-16th Century Indian Saint-Scholar, social and religious reformer, poet, playwright and musician of Assam. Borgeet or Songs Celestial is a tradition of raga and tala based Assamese song developed by Sri Sri Sankardev and Sri Sri Madhavdev, another Indian Saint-Scholar, poet of Assam.

Nirendra Nath Thakuria, retired Associate Professor of English, is a translator.

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