About PWF

Poetry without Fear is a bilingual online quarterly magazine of poetry in English and Assamese founded in May, 2022. Poetry without Fear, as the title suggests, wants to assure the readers that poetry can communicate with common readers. There is no need of depriving common people of poetic experience. Our mission is to promote poetry without fear. We are committed to promote poetry in general and Assamese poetry in particular. One of our objectives is to take Assamese poetry in translation to readers in our country and abroad.

A poem may be written in simple language and yet it might invite readers to make surprising connections between words and images. Simple language need not necessarily be an obstacle to communicate profound truths of life. If the treatment of the subject demands some difficulty in the language, the context will justify it but deliberate obscurity is different. Such obscurity breaks down communication between the poet and the reader.  

 As Jyotiprasad Agarwala, a great Assamese poet, critic and dramatist said, there is an artist in each man and it is the duty of the writers and artists to wake up that artist in each individual. The poets, along with the readers, grow, change and develop and there is no point of leaving the readers behind. Poetry without Fear wants to assure the poets and readers that poetry will communicate.