For you I go to pick Flowers

By Navakanta Barua

For you I go to pick flowers 
You're among flowers 
For you I go to sing songs 
You're among songs 

So I couldn't pick flowers 
So I couldn't sing songs 
I kept sitting 
Eyes downcast 
In mute shyness 
In search of you I entered a temple 
There I heard only the captive wails 
As I was looking out for you in my heart 
You're already out 

In the sky in the wind in the dust blowing

Translated by Nirendra Nath Thakuria

Click here to read the original Assamese poem

Navakanta Barua (b.1926-d.2002) was a noted Assamese poet, novelist and translator.

Nirendra Nath Thakuria, retired Associate Professor of English, is a translator.

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