To the Cadence of the World

By Bishnu Prasad Rava

To the cadence of the world
     With great joy
         And elation 
            Dance, O’ you destroyer of darkness
They worship
     Today the congregation of disciples—
        Thy lotus feet
           They worship.
               Light up O’ pyrolator
                  The sacred fire
                      Let it destroy darkness
                         Your winning fire.
                             In the temple of the world
                                Let the flames of light
                            Of the lamp of knowledge
                     Destroying the darkness of ignorance
                With the thrill of joy
In the rhythm of the dance
     The flowering wilderness
          Sway and flutter to the rhythm
              The blossoming flower garden
                   The spreading redolence
                        Fills up the beautiful earth
                             With the fragrance of flowers.

Translated by Uttam Duorah

Click here to read the original Assamese poem.

Bishnu Prasad Rava (1909-1969) was a renowned artist, writer, actor, song writer and politician of Assam.

Uttam Duorah, the translator, retired as the HoD, English, Women’s College, Tinsukia and is based in Tinsukia, Assam.

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