Dinesh Goswami

Intense sunlight of day covered the bright palette of the sky
Sweat oozing out all over your body
On the morning grass in utter silence petals of night jasmine— as if dead.
And through my hands pass incessant languor
Nevertheless, sitting in the light of a resplendent dream
Like a drunkard in the intoxication of sunlight— I think
Deep faith unnoticed may have offered assurance
To life, to world: love is ingrained.
When the fog of remembrance wears off only a few things remain—
Names of a few flowers, one or two poems and a girl one loves
When there’s nothing one can claim one’s own!
Only emptiness remains. Suddenly when wonders of night
Descend down the banks of a golden river
Shadows of endless fatigue fall on the deserts of the world
The fragrance of the dream-thirsty heart spreads all over the universe.
I feel great courage pulsating like a life
The smell of the beloved woman’s body feels like
The yellow paddy fields waking up piercing the waves of soil.

Translated by Uttam Duorah

Dinesh Goswami was an Assamese poet and writer.

Uttam Duorah, the translator, retired as the HoD, English, Women’s College, Tinsukia and is based in Tinsukia, Assam.

Click for the Assamese text of the poem.

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