Poetry Day Musings

By Dr Ananda Bormudoi

Poets are believed to be at the finest point of awareness of an age. Their consciousness is like a fine gossamer on which the smallest particle causes a ripple. They can transform that ripple into the strange and irregular rhythm of life.

Some great poets have created eternal lines which stick to our memory when we read them. Why do they stick to our memory? These lines have adhesive quality of their own. Some eternal lines are taken away from the poems to be used in different contexts of life. At the time of crisis, they console us and donot allow us to give up hope. They teach us to endure, suffer and not to give in. Poetry teaches us what life is worth and what to live for.

Poetry is written with words and words carry meanings on their back. Words much used become clichés. A good poet knows best how to charge a word with new meanings. Words are in the dictionary and the people always use them but the poet knows how to infuse new meanings into them. An old and familiar word looks fresh and new when charged with meaning by a poet. A poet need not be exotic thematically to impress upon his readers. The poet can drop down to a low key to talk to his readers taking them into confidence. If a poet wants to perform only to himself he need not write. If a poet wants to communicate to his readers and he wants it sincerely, he can find out for himself how best to communicate. Trying not to communicate is acting against oneself.

Published on the occasion of the World Poetry Day— 21 March, 2023.

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