To me poetry is divine

Asfia Ahmed

Asfia Ahmed

As an educated person what is your relation with poetry?

Any person who has the sensitivity to understand humanity, compassion and empathy will always be in a higher level of metaphysical plane and the thoughts will resound in a poetry form. That is my relation with poetry. You may be educated but if you don’t have the qualities of a Sufi, or a minstrel poetry will have no meaning to the person. To me poetry is divine.

Why do you read poems if you read poems at all?

We read poems because we find solace and peace in them. When we are dissatisfied with the world in reality we seek peace and happiness in poetry.

What type of poems do you like best?

I like poetry that paints pictures of nature in words which you can visualize. Or even the happiness of a mother who has unconditional love or the world of an innocent child.

What is your opinion on contemporary Assamese poetry?

I think that there is a transitional phase in the language of contemporary Assamese poetry. This is because of the thought processes changing due to the transition in society.

Do you have any suggestion for the poets today?

The poets of today must discuss and review the considerable changes that have taken place in the world of poetry and for better understanding the difficult Assamese words must have a foot note. This will help the poetry readers to understand what the poetry is trying to convey.

Asfia Ahmed is a certified storyteller, voice over artist and script writer based in Gurgaon, Haryana.

3 thoughts on “To me poetry is divine

    1. My answer to Q1
      You said.. As an educated person.. what is my relation with poetry..
      Well, I would say then..
      Every educated friends of mine would have related with poety..!!
      And lakhs of gratitudes..
      would have related with poetry..!!
      No.. To be related with poetry.. sensitivity all that firstly needed. I related with poetry with sensitivity.
      ANSWER to Q2
      I read poems… to develop my sensitivity.. to develop sense of creativity.
      ANSWER to Q3
      Say… best poems are natural poems…
      Like… the fish in the pond.. or in river… not like the fish
      in a AQUARIUM…!!
      ANSWER to Q4
      Can be said adjectly…
      a perfectly written prose… may be said.. a perfectly written poetry.. now a days..!!
      You gotta develop your prose.. to develop your poetry…!!
      This is the change in poetry..
      The entry and domination of prose…
      Our poetry too.. mustn’t.. sh’dn’t..
      avoid this new and exciting path…!!
      ANSWER to Q5
      Yes… Certainly… Positive discussion and reviews…. always.. gives fruits.. This lovely platform.. You beautiful people created… definitely will be fruitful…
      Thank you…

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