Two Poems by Noni Bordoloi

A Discussion

Does the earth ask the shower 
How much you love me
And neither does the rain ask
How much the thirsty land needs
To fill it to the brim
The vast expanse of green 
Love from the clouds.
The sky, the clouds, rain, earth and the green 
Love all around ever since birth 
A review of prayer of our life
Love bound up with green.


The heartbeat is there in each man
So long it goes on
Life is boisterous. 
One hand holds the bigger cup of sorrows 
The other holds the smaller one of joy.
It is uncertain 
What proportion from the two 
Can keep life going.
What proportion of love and hate 
Can make the field of life fertile
Is also uncertain. 
None can tell
What amount of love and violence 
Can make the drama of life entertaining. 
Who knows what measure of honesty and fraud
In income and expenditures 
Can keep life balanced?
None can tell you
The amount of wealth needed 
To secure the life after.
No ready reckowner
Can help one to calculate 
The balance sheet of life.
Death may be another name of life
Nurturing life we nurture Death
Carefully every day.
Then why do you worry over life?

[Translated by Ananda Bormudoi]

Noni Bordoloi is a contemporary Assamese poet

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