Two Poems by Dr. Kalyan Bhuyan

It’s no go writing Poems on Shakespeare

If washing hands 
Does not become an obsession 
Like that of Lady Macbeth 
It's no go writing poems on Shakespeare. 

If the rebellious forest does not move
As falsely assured 
By the weird sisters
It's no go writing poems on Shakespeare. 

And if Macduff not born
Of woman 
Does not become a reality
An unnatural son of the earth 
It's no go writing a poem on Shakespeare.

Through My Camera

The man was standing
In front of my camera
Not at all worried

To make him anxious and indignant
I found out a trick and told him
Come, look at the splendid world
Through my camera

I asked him to peep through the viewfinder
And I began to change the focus of the lens
Now near and then far away
My hand is adept at it

I asked him
How did you like this game
Of expanding vision
He answered back
Where is this variety
My eyes have lost light

(Translated by Ananda Bormudoi)

Dr. Kalyan Bhuyan is a contemporary Assamese poet. He has one collection of poems to his credit. He teaches Physics in Dibrugarh University.

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