A Passage from Namghosa

By Sri Sri Madhavdev

I am ignorant of the ignorant my lord 
I know not how I can adore you best. 
Unholy desires are so strong my lord Ram
They never let me alone.
Your maya has fascinated my mind my lord Ram
Sprawling in the dark I find no way out.
Your feet alone can offer shelter and I submit to them
I sing your praise seeking light, my lord Ram.
I know not how to worship, exalt and love you intensely 
None else is more ignorant than I am, my lord Ram.
You are an ocean of kindness, my lord Hari
Shelter me in the shade of your feet. 
Hari is the ocean of love, the friend of all lives
He is motion, consciousness and lord Narayan. 
Singing Your praise is the greatest treasure of the bhaktas.

Translated by Ananda Bormudoi

Sri Sri Madhavdev (b.1489–d.1596) was a 15th–16th century Assamese poet, playwright, musician and social-religious reformer.

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