By Hem Barua

Here is our grandmother, eighty years old.
Ignoring the scorching mid-day sun during summer 
And the devastating flood
Ignoring winter cold alike
She moves on with her flowing grey hair like jute.

I met her and asked her,
"What have you been looking for, Aita 
Bending over your stick
And scrutinizing the ground?"

Aita looked up to me
Raising her pale eyes 
And told me one thing,
"You will not understand my dear.
I am looking for the lost twenty years of my youth and dreams 
Wondering if it perished in the dust of the road."

Translated by Ananda Bormudoi

Hem Barua (b.1915-d.1977) was a noted Assamese poet and politician.

Please click here to read the original Assamese poem.

One thought on “Grandmother

  1. বৰ ভাল অনুবাদ
    ছাৰৰ অনুবাদে প্ৰায় বিষয় সৌন্দৰ্যক চিত্ৰিত কৰে।

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