Two Poems by Indu Barua

A Few Stanzas

You spread your tresses 
And a cool breeze passed by
The gypsy lover goes mad
Searching for an oasis. 

Flowers blossomed forth 
In the forest
Was it a mistake to pluck one
To adorn my plait to soothe my heart?

A thousand butterflies cast their shadows
On eyes pale as stale fish
Thorns hid cactus flowers
A crow cawed in my heart. 

The spotted dear runs over 
The desert sand in the dark
The flute is silent on bed
In trembling winter cold.

The warm afternoon sun
The birds sing in joy
The sun moves westward and sets 
Ashes and smoke remain 
Of the funeral pyre.

Every man is a Samurai 
In the world he builds for himself 
In the world
Of hunger 
And arrogance.

Working hand
Of honesty, sacrifice and courtesy 
Targets for his arrow 
The eye of a fish above 
Cuts out a fine sculpture 
From a hard stone of life's hill.

The sycophants who blindfold
Show the path of darkness 
The arrogant sun
Burns himself 
To burn others 
And wipes out the sculpture 
He builds 
In his own path.

The Samurai 
Loses kins
After winning victory 
Or accepts defeat 
Admitting kins
To his circle.

Translated by Dr Ananda Bormudoi

Indu Barua is an Assamese poet based in Guwahati.

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