Two Poems by Dr Kalyan Bhuyan

In the home of a Dead Dream

Those who have departed 
Sleep alongside the road
Of my daily coming and going.

Something eerie would accost me
Occasionally on my way
And hold up a mirror in front.

I guess a shattered dream
Somehow stirs up
From behind the mirror.
The Sky over the Window

Looking through my window
You said- So confined is your sky!

The vastness 
Of the sky overhead
Renders me small
And  this you will
Never understand.

The sky over the window
Is better
It keeps me company
In daylight and darkness.

Translated by Ananda Bormudoi

Dr Kalyan Bhuyan is an Assamese poet and translator. He has one collection of poems to his credit. He teaches Physics in Dibrugarh University.

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