Composed by Sri Sri Sankardev

I lie prostrate at your feet
Save my soul,
Pain shakes me, pain is terrible 
I cannot hold on to life.

This world is in a flux and change
Life property and youth
Have been for ever changing 
Wife children and all are insubstantial 
Nothing is an invariant core.
Even my soul is most unsteady 
Like a drop of water 
On a lotus leaf
Your feet alone can assure 
Shelter from fear.
Sankar prays to you Hrisikesh  
To take him across the sea of sorrows.
You are motion, consciousness and the lord 
Kindly show me path, advise me.

Click here to read the original Assamese text.

[Translated by Ananda Bormudoi]

Sri Sri Sankardev (1449-1568) was a 15-16th Century Indian Saint-Scholar, social and religious reformer, poet, playwright and musician of Assam. Borgeet or Songs Celestial is a tradition of raga and tala based Assamese song developed by Sri Sri Sankardev and Sri Sri Madhavdev, another Indian Saint-Scholar, poet of Assam.

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