Poem should be a form of awakening

By Deepak Panda

Poetry is the biggest canvas of creativity which reflects wide range of ideas, thoughts; stroke of pen can bring words from anywhere.

Precisely written with few words can mesmerize and can touch someone’s heart, it’s romance with the literature. So I read poems.

Usually Poets write about the ugly part of the society, about negativity. Of course it should be, as poetry is the reflection of the society. It alerts and cautions. But apart from all this, the society is having many good, pleasant things. I think poems should not criticize or just go on narrating negativity but it should deal with the solution. Poem should be a form of awakening. I do like positive writing.

It’s not advisable to read and follow the famous poets, it will seize to the development of one’s own and new style or ideas. A poet should be born naturally. Young poets should observe the happenings around them. They should be on thought process so that they can develop their own expressing ideas.

The author is a journalist and writer based in Sambalpur, Odisha.

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