By Evelyn Sherman

I was just a wish, a memory, a dream. 

I stood before you, but you could never see. 

You searched for the one you thought you knew, 

but I am she whom you never knew. 

You could never understand, couldn’t grasp, couldn’t see; 

For all the things you expected me to be. 

Now – I am free! 

I will embrace who I’m called to be! 

My heart races as my soul revives. 

I stand and shout my own decree. 

I don’t need excuses for who I am. 

I am the one you cannot see.

Evelyn Sherman lives in Oklahoma, USA with her husband. She began her life as a “desert rat” in the sandy hills of Wonder Valley, a small desert community outside of Twentynine Palms, California. She spent hours wandering in the desert with a canteen of water and a book in her hand –more content and at home in the desert wilderness than inside her house. Her career path also wandered for a while. She has been a mom, a homeschool teacher, a nurse’s aid and a social worker. She is currently working to finish her first novel.

One thought on “Phantom

  1. সঁচাকৈ পূৰ্বনিৰ্ধাৰিত বিশ্বাস আৰু বৰ্ণনা লৈ প্ৰিয়জনক প্ৰিয়জনৰ মাজত বিচাৰিলে তেওঁক পোৱা নাযায় ৷ আমাৰ একপক্ষীয় ধাৰণাবোৰ একো একোটা বাধা সত্য উদ্ঘাটনৰ বা একো একোডাল জৰী প্ৰিয়জনৰ বন্দীত্বৰ ৷ প্ৰেয়সী মুক্ত এই কাৰণেই যে প্ৰেমিকৰ চকুৰ/মনৰ মায়াজাল বসত তাইক চিনি নাপালে অথচ বিচৰা জনী তায়েই আছিল প্ৰেমাস্পদৰ বাবে ৷

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