Two Poems by Hemaprova Moran

Forbidden Journey

You and I shall go along the same path. 
In spite of holding hand in hand 
We cannot become fellow travelers. 
The journey is very lonely.
The path is safe and secure 
And yet the companion is forbidden. 
Taking off silently my old garments 
Throwing away the green dream of life
I am silently moving on. 
Hands worn thin 
Drudging all the way 
Are now bare.
In this silent moment laden with pain
I promise to you
Never to come back.

The Postman of Sorrow

The postman of sorrow 
Strolls at the gate of my heart.
He always brings me letters of sorrow.
Sometimes the words come
Like sad dark clouds 
And at other times they rage like a storm 
And shatter into pieces
My home of hope.
And yet at other times 
They rain heavily
And my heart is flooded.
Words turn into angry oceans.
 I keep swimming 
With the shore nowhere at sight.
The trees weep
The flowing river turns its back on me.
Digging into the hearts of the words
I myself turn into 
A river of sorrow.

Translated by Ananda Bormudoi

Hemaprova Moran is an Assamese poet based in Kakopathar, Tinisukia, Assam.

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