Bijita Sharma’s Poems

The Graveyard of Light

While digging my own grave
I could not guess 
When the storm would come 
When sense revived 
There was fungus 
And the decaying roots 
Of a silk cotton tree on my palm.


Not a dream
And neither 
It seems real.
The door has been broken down
But there is not a scratch 
On the walls,
Come out quickly 
The terrible smell inside 
Drives my house mad 
Nobody can tell
When it will trample down.

Translated by Ananda Bormudoi

Bijita Sharma is an Assamese poet based in Hyderabad. She was born and raised in Assam. She pursued a Mass Communication degree and completed a Graphic Design diploma in Bangalore. Currently, she is working as a librarian and a literary trainer for children in a school.

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