Tashi Namgail’s Poem


The plain curtain begins to retreat,
as the mighty Himalayas finger’s sweep. 
Coldness ignites the bluest skies 
As the Ladakh rises to its wonder 

A golden cold breeze engulfs the horizon,
Awakening the people to chant Om Mani Padma Haung
The monasteries are in blissful delight,
Welcoming the guest of the universe.

The Ladakhi people stir, a symphony of goodness 
As the tourist flown in from around the world 
Each breath is filled with happiness anew
                                  as Ladakh reveals its true beauty 

Through frost laden wind and cold air,
Butter tea of Ladakh entrusts warm, a delicate occasion, 
                                 its opulence relieves, like a mother hug 
                                    refreshing the weary soul to the full…

Tashi Namgail is an Indian poet based in Ladakh, Ladakh UT. He teaches English in the University of Ladakh, Kargil Campus, Khumbathang, Ladakh UT.