Manashi Gogoi’s Poems

Fighting a Battle Relentlessly

I am fighting a battle relentlessly 
Day and night
I win over myself 
And lose to myself as well
To come out of myself 
I think of you
I know not how you merge in me
You become my life
Many things personal
Become social 
We share laughters shouts and sorrows
Also our mistakes and smiles 
We feel relieved 
We come out of the battle 
With torn bodies and broken minds
Time mends what we give and share
And yet I have exclusively become myself 
I fight the battle with me 
And also live my life
I am with many a man
At their weal and woe.
Bits of News

You are asleep 
I am sleepless 
I have the madness of
Jumping across the seas
And walking upto the end of the earth.
You are asleep 
There was a path across my breast
I watched the walkers coming and going.
You are asleep 
The memories of my childhood and youth
Are a pleasantly sad flux and change.
The night bus speeds along the highway dispelling darkness 
A mathematical society
Ethics one day and politics the next.
I am alive digging into the night
The days are fast asleep.

Translated by Ananda Bormudoi

Manashi Gogoi is an Assamese poet based in Moran, Dibrugarh. She has two collections of poems to her credit.

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