Lakshminath Bezbaroa’s Poem

My Country

O' my endearing motherland!
O' my enchanting motherland!
So euphonious, 
So bounteous,
So near and dear a motherland.

O' my euphonic voice!
The melodic voice of Assam!
Nowhere in the world
You can ever find
Even if you scour through life.

O' my land of birth!
O' my mother Assam!
Let me have one
Look at your face,
My heart hasn't been sated.

O' my endearing motherland!
So unique, O' country of mine!! 

1832, Howrah

Bezbaroa Granthavali, Vol. 2, 1st Edition : 1970, 2nd Edition : 1988, p. 964-5.

Translated by Krishna Dulal Barua

Lakshmiath Bezbaroa (b. 1864-d. 1938) was a renowned poet, novelist, playwright and satirist of Assam.

Krishna Dulal Barua is a prominent translator and writer based in Nagaon, Assam. He received the Katha Award for translation in 2005.

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