Two Poems by Jubilee Gogoi

Who am I

When I asked
Who am I
Mother smiled and said
My child

When I asked
Who am I
He heard and said
My better half

When I asked
Who am I
They giggled and said
Our mother

When I asked
Who am I
Celestial music seemed to come drifting
Through the air
Beethoven sprang up
You're our old mother
You're our old mother

This time I asked my very self
Who am I
Banging against the sky
Banging against the hills
There was a reverberation

An infinite query
Remained revolving
Till eternity


Songs of crickets
Come drifting
A summer night
Slumber doesn't easily descend
Lightning flashes
Upon the grass drop
Pearls !

Of silvery light
Upon the woods

Who has taken off
The green veil
As it were a mere trifling !

On the mounds of my garden
Lines of mulberry trees

Father wasn't at all perturbed

The red colours too
Can spread across
The evening sky
So swiftly

Translated by Krishna Dulal Barua

Jubilee Gogoi is an Assamese poet based in Dulijan, Dibrugarh, Assam. She has three collections of poems to her credit.

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