Two poems by Indu Dutta Uzir

The Terror of Death

A sad note from a flute is wafting
From among the crowd
I am heartbroken
Losing many dear ones
Untimely and unexpectedly half way.
A tragic strain rings in
Is it a surrender to the endemic?
Struck by terror we have learnt
To play hide and seek.
How long will the hearts in closed rooms
Be set apart for social distancing?
How long shall we wait
For the dawning of the dark night?
Those alive are exhausted.
I pray for freedom
From the wrath of time,
From the jaws of death.
Let the forest get back
Its last green splendour.

Chlorophyll Stands Still

The flock of migratory birds
That once swam and sang in the lake
Are now depressed.
The lake has dried up
The birds are depressed
They are cursing the lake
Flying indifferently elsewhere.
The dry lake searches for moisture.
The birds tell Phagun their tale of woe.
Robbed of chlorophyll
The leaves once green are trembling
In fear of being shaken off.
Does Phagun listen to the wailing
Of the fallen leaves?
Phagun is engrossed
In playing with the west wind.
Losing foliage the trees pray
To the sky
To give them back their green.

[Translated by Ananda Bormudoi]

Indu Dutta Uzir is an Assamese poet and writer based in Tinsukia. She has two collections of poems to her credit. She can be reached at

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3 thoughts on “Two poems by Indu Dutta Uzir

  1. সুন্দৰ অনুভৱৰ তথা অনুভৱ , ভাল লাগিছে।

    1. ধন্যবাদ, সন্মানীয় আনন্দ বৰমুদৈ চাৰলৈ,তেওঁৰ অনুগ্ৰহতে মোৰ দুটা কবিতা ইংৰাজী লৈ অনুবাদ হ’ল ।

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