Two Poems by Abhijeet Gogoi

The Story of a Hand

While digging into the privacy
Of a blue night
My path was suddenly blocked by a hand
All skin and bones. 
Waiving itself it dashed off
Towards me.

The hand somehow attracted me
But I could not gather up courage
To go near it.

The lines in the hand
Got tangled
In the cottage of my mind
Breath turned into a boat.

Looking at the birds
Which flew away
When they were fully fledged 
The hand rowing the boat of breath said,
' Its a story of the hand.'

Waiting has its own Glee

Alluring of land
The song of a flower

Look! Sadness is gone 
Replaced by giggle. 

The loyal
The future 
Land flower smiles. 

May be 
Waiting is alluring 
Because there are 
Land flowers and smiles.

[Translated by Ananda Bormudoi]

Abhijeet Gogoi is a young Assamese poet based in Demow, Assam.

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