A Note from PWF

This is the fourth volume of the PWF which will complete one year next April. The magazine was launched with a mission and that was to take poetry to the readers who are a little bit sacred of its difficulty and obscurity. We tried to analyse the causes and published a manifesto Parbantarar Padya (A New Chapter for Verse). Six questions were raised in this regard. Poems and articles published so far in PWF have outlined the perspectives on poetry. It should communicate with the readers. In ‘Symposium’ writers and readers have expressed their views on what poetry should be and such ideas may help our young poets.

Nilmani Phookan

The sad demise of the Jnanpith winner Nilmani Phookan, the great Assamese poet and art critic, is a loss mourned all over the country. Breaking away from the convention, he brought poetry closes to the common readers drawing from folk art, culture, Assamese countryside and social reality. He was a widely read poet and he enriched Assamese poetry through translations. We convey our regards to the poet and mourn his demise.

The growth and development of the PWF is far better than what we expected. Responses of the readers have made us sanguine. Writers outside the state have sent writings to PWF. We have welcomed suggestions to improve upon ourselves. We have brought writers old and young on the PWF platform. In view of the growing importance of science and technology on our lives, we can hope that PWF will go on gaining popularity in the days to come.

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